Andrea Taurisano's "Cimento": Traveling the World with the LC-A

For the last 15 years, Italian photographer Andrea Taurisano has been going around the world with a film camera on hand, playing witth every kind of analogue camera there is. He then met the Lomo LC-A two years ago, and he has been deeply in love with it.

Mount Fujji and the Dolomites

Andrea, now based in Norway, follows a motto for photography, "Il cimento della fotografia", which was inspired by the famous opus of Antonio Vivaldi, the one containing the Four Seasons. The word "cimento" means 'experiment, exercise, commitment', and he's all for the analogue lifestyle. Inspired by photographers Daido Moriyma, Nobuyoshi Araki, Jacob Aue Sobol, Michael Ackerman, and Antoine d'Agata, Andrea loves black and white photography uses his art t capture the gradual shifts of the human landscapes of Greenland, the polar regions, and more recently, Russa, Japan, Siberia and Afghanistan.

Norway & Venice

Now with the LC-A, he's been using it on a daily basis.

"Your message honors me and makes me happy. I’m totally in love with my two Lomo LC-A, which for the last two years have been my daily shooter. I go nowhere without at least one of them. And can you believe it, since I discovered the LC-A, not one single film roll has gone through my Leica M2. I have also sold my more advanced compact cameras (Contax T2, Ricoh GR1, Nikon 35Ti). The humble LC-A is the best tool for my shooting style and consistently helps me achieve my “aesthetics” in the simplest possible way." said Andrea to Lomography Magazine.

Andrea is a true experimentalist and advocate of analogue photography, encouraging others to participate in the analogue grind as he lets his fellow enthusiasts borrow his old cameras, and sometimes lend some rolls of film, too.

Merien series, Mongolia

For more of Andrea's work, visit his website.

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