Mii Yatogi: What's In Your Bag?

To reveal the contents of one's bag is an intimate thing. It's as if looking at someone's soul and life. Japanese analogue photographer Mii Yatogi for welcomes us inside her two bags in an interview, one for photoshoot sessions and the other for the summer grind.

Hi Mii! Welcome back to Lomography Magazine, and thanks for sharing with us your personal bags! We like how low-key the colors of your bags are. Are you a believer of 'function over fashion'?

No, but I believe in "design". If I loved the colors or shapes of the products, I would feel better and they could make me cheer up, then I wanna go out with favorite designs even if it's bad weather. When they have nice designs, I think they have also nice functions which are comfortable to wear or use. For example, I bought that cosmetic pouch because of the shape and pattern. Although It's small, I can put many things away, which are cosmetics, hair accessories, medicines, candies and so on.

You seem to be a light packer! Among all items in your bag, which item you can't leave the house without?

The heavy bag makes my shoulder tense. And it's terribly hot in summer in Tokyo, so I prefer light one. I need a lip balm and medicines for a headache as I'm prone to headaches.

Spotting three candies right there! What are they and what makes them your favorites?

The pink and blue one are herb candies tasted mainly mint for hay fever to relieve a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Others are given by my colleagues when I gave mine to them. We enjoy trading because we can taste various candies.

What's your go-to film roll?

Kodak Gold 200. My favorite ISO is 200, for it's not too high or low and I like color tones of Kodak Gold film rolls, which are not too much green or cyan colors. I couldn't find them at shops in Tokyo anymore but I've realized I could buy them on the internet, so I've started to use them again.

Lastly, mind sharing with us a song or artist that you're listening to nowadays?

Well, I can't find favorite new bands lately. In spring, I often listen to the songs by Phoenix or Lo-Fi-Fnk, though.

Get to know more about Mii Yatogi in our interview and visit her portfolio, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram for more of her works.

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