Recap: NewNYer by Sincere at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC

The exhibtion "NewNYer" captures Sincere's lenticular eye for documenting the underground hip-hop scene of New York City. He gave us a one-of-a-kind look at New Yorkers who have a dream to make it no matter where they came from.


With a giant catalog of rappers (A$AP Rocky, Migos, Cardi B), models (Shaun Ross, Siaani Love, Jayden Michele Jaymes), influencers (Leaf, Odalys, Rox Brown), Sincere strips these high profile people down to the true New Yorker's they are.


In his artist statement Sincere speaks about his work as catering to:

"To a collective psyche aimlessly browsing insta-squares, Sincere Dennis’ photographs feel like a lost techno-dream mixed to the dystopic beats of A$AP Mob and Migos. Sincere – Sin, for short – has been snapping New York’s underground hip-hop scene for over a decade. With his 35mm four-lens camera on his hip, Sincere taps into the sultry, cacophonous underbelly of popular rap and documents its players with the shrewd eye of an insider wielding a backstage pass."

The entire store was packed to the brim with guests. It was unique to see such a widespread audience gather around this body of work.

The exhibition is ongoing until the end of the month at our Lomography Gallery Store NYC!


We're looking forward to see what Sincere cooks up next.

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written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-04-07

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