Brian Bruno and his Lomo'Instant Square Collages


Brian Bruno is a Philly based film photographer who has been a long-time LomoAmigo. His work centers mainly around female portraiture ranging from soft and sultry images to harder and brighter flash-light images. His latest projects using instant photography has captured our attention. This last project using instant photos to collage together to produce a larger image. Previously working with the Lomo'Instant Square and his muse Audrey Kitching, Brian is taking his love for instant photography to new heights. We got to talk to Brian about this project, his thought process behind it and what we can see next from him.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

Brian, welcome back to the magazine, you seem to be heavily using instant photography in your latest projects, what do you enjoy about that medium as opposed to negatives?

Instant film will always be my favorite since like the name implies it’s instant and you can see if you got the shot and just has a look you can’t get on any other medium.

How do you compose your instants vs lets say your negatives or any other photographic medium you use?

I don’t think to much about it and just go for it while shooting instant.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

How did the idea of using instants to make a collage come to fruition?

I have been wanting to do larger scale photo projects and instant is the only way to satisfy this idea.

This work is extremely similar to the collages of David Hockney, was he an influence for this project?

He was but also the Italian artist Maurizio Galimberti who is still producing large scale instant images.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

What was your process when composing these shots?

I Would start with the face then build around the subject.

How'd you enjoy working with the Lomo'Instant Sqaure?

It’s one of my favorite Modern Instant Cameras.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

There's a lot of talk about gear in the photography community, do you feel like the gear makes the photographer or that the gear is an extension of the photographer?

It can go both ways but I lean towards the extension.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

What can we see next in your upcoming projects?

I want to continue to make these large scale instants and possibly start to work on my next book too.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

Any advice to any budding photographers?

Don’t be afraid to try something that you think up of and don’t have feelings of you are not good enough.

Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching

You can follow Brian on Instagram as well as his model Audrey Kitching

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-04-03 #gear #people

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