Go Psychedelic with Diana on World Pinhole Day!

Happy World Pinhole Day! Every once in a while it's nice to go back to basics. In photography, this means going lensless with a pinhole camera. Simple and easy, a pinhole camera does not require any technical know-how, in fact, a simple juice box with a tiny hole in one side can easily be transformed into a pinhole camera. When light passes through the pinhole, it will project an inverted image on the opposite end of the box. This is called camera obscura.

Today, pay homage to the roots of photography by taking the lens off. Capture the world softly and drench it in color with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.

Credits: dfred

It's easy to make your own pinhole camera out of common household items, such as a matchbox. But if you're not so keen on doing it yourself, you can pop off the lens of a Diana F+, or get a ready-made pinhole camera. Whichever option you choose, you'll get dreamy, soft-focused photos.

Credits: jlovett, rie & dfred

How about adding a psychedelic twist to your pinhole photos? Only the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator makes it possible. Soak your photos in a kaleidoscope of colors with the gel filters included with Diana Multi Pinhole Operator. Craft beautifully bizarre images by shooting up to 3 exposures at a time — there's a switch that lets you choose from 1, 2 or 3 pinholes on a shot. And of course, to take extra trippy shots, using slide film will result in amazing color shifts and deep saturation!

Credits: amaiahodge, jlovett, gepo1303, emanuele, bccbarbosa & roxyvonschlotterstein

We’re celebrating World Pinhole Day with a sweet deal. Buy any Diana F+ camera and you get a free Diana Multi Pinhole Operator! Offer runs until May 7th, valid in our Online Shop and in Gallery Stores worldwide.

2018-03-29 #pinhole #diana-multi-pinhole-operator

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