5 Reasons Why a Ringflash Rocks!


A ring flash is an awesome choice if you're shooting fashion, macro, and portrait photography. It distributes an even amount of light, softening shadows for flattering portraits. For a fun twist, the Lomography Ringflash gives a kick of color to make your shots look funky. Use it with a variety of Lomography cameras and see what happens! Here are a few reasons why we love the Lomography Ringflash.

Credits: renaishashin

1. A Flash You Can Experiment With

The Lomography Ringflash does more than just bounce light onto your subject — it's also a creative tool that you can use for experimental portraits. You can bathe your subject in one pop of color (or more), and that’s just the beginning!

Credits: lomography

2. Shoot Flattering Headshots

When shooting portraits, good lighting is important. Used with a milky white diffusion ring, the Lomography Ringflash prevents over-exposure when you shoot close-ups. Try it with the Diana F+ and see your subject glow.

Credits: heavenkot, trash-gordon-from-outer-space & lomography

3. Cast a Technicolor Spell

The solid color rings allow you to switch between red, yellow, and blue so that you can fire a vibrant burst of color onto your subject. The Lomography Ringflash also comes with color gels that you can use over each individual flash element for multi-color options!

Credits: lapsusgirl, lomoc, pyckapower & lucretia

4. Amplify Your Vignettes

If you love the Lomo LC-A+ 's signature vignetting effect, use the Lomography Ringflash to make the shadowy frame more prominent, drawing focus to your subject.

Credits: fivedayforecast, lomography & moodification

5. Play Up Your Fisheye

Fisheye photographs reel you into an expansive 180° perspective. To maximize the distortion of your subject it's best to take your pictures up close. Here, faces will look funny, and a bright pop of color courtesy of the Lomography Ringflash will make your Fisheye photos even more playful.

Credits: life_on_mars, hstevens1, artuu & stijn_b

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