Simple Use Film Camera: A Talk With Nicolas Kuttler

Nicolas Kuttler shot with the Simple Use Film Camera to the photographer Nicolas Kuttler and created a perfect symbiosis of his spontaneous photography, influenced by the 90's and these 35mm pre-loaded analogue cameras.
For this collaboration, he has made portraits of one of his friends. Nicolas tells us about his photographic practice and the importance of analogue photography in his work.

Hello Nicolas, could you present yourself to our readers?

I am 30 years old and I live in Paris.
I mainly work in the field of fashion.

When and how did you get started with photography? What was your first camera?

I have a feeling I have always done photography.
At first, it was nothing serious for me, merely a hobby, a way of expressing myself. Then this passion grew and began to take a larger place in my life.
As a teenager, I started a blog, which I filled daily with self-portraits. (At the time we were not yet speaking of selfies.)
At the age of 7, I got my first camera which was an Olympus MJU II.
Later, I purchased a Sony Cyber-shot - 4 mega pixels (haha).
It provided me with a feeling of liberty when I took photos and published them online - without an intermediate or my parents being behind my back.

If you had to describe your universe and your photos in 5 words, what would they be?

Personal, emotional, raw, colorful, gay.

Could you tell us a bit more about this series, such as what inspired you for this shooting?

Quentin is a model that I met during a casting.
As I often do, I added him on Instagram and I discovered he was passionate about make-up and that he often puts on his own make-up.
Often, in "fashion", a team (photographer, stylist, make-up artist / hairdresser) reflects a character on the model.
In this case, we can find Quentin at home, wearing his own clothes, and his own make-up.
The idea was to enter his universe.

How would you describe your experience with our Simple Use Camera ?

Friends and acquaintances know I deeply reject technique.
Everything that is difficult technically speaking annoys me.
I am very "point&shoot"! I do not want to think about settings when I take a photo. My attention is fixed on the subject.
I can just make a focus point, and then decide if I'll use the flash or not. That's all.
My approach to the photographic medium is very basic and instinctive.
I enjoyed the Simple Use Camera.
Furthermore, the colored gels were very fun.

In your opinion, why do we still give into analogue photography today?

Today, there is a generation of photographers who were born within the digital world.
They are young and they wish to reclaim analogue cameras.
It's also linked to the 90's revival and it's aesthetics.
Just take a look at the hashtags #ishootfilm, #filmisnotdead to understand the trend.
In 2018, when you use a film camera, you engage yourself fully.
On my counterpart, I still use analogue because it fits with my use of photography. I adore "accidents", something that did not work out, something forgotten, this different temporality.
Finally, the less time I spend on a computer, the better I feel.

Any projects to come?

In January, I will work for runways. I will do backstage photography and create content for prêt-à-porter brands. Fashion Weeks often guide my activities and in between I can put myself fully into my personal projects.
My first book will soon be given to a printer.
It will be an auto-published project.
It will include photos I have taken over a year.
Portraits of friends, handsome boys, flowers...
It was important to me to print and objects. Something that one can touch, turn the pages of. I adore Instagram, the Internet and my iPhone. But it is crucial to bring out these photos from these little screens. It allows to give another perspective!

To discover more of Nicolas' photos, have a look at his Instagram. You can also follow Quentin on his Instagram !

written by florinegarcin on 2018-03-20 #people

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