We Are Farmers: A Southeast Asian Photo Series by Ore Huiying

Ore Huiying is a Singaporean documentary photographer with acclaimed works featured all around the world. In a personal and intimate visual study on her family called We Are Farmers, she recounts that "my family, farmers for several generations, have experienced many upheavals in our farming practice."

Her family is composed of 4 generations of farmers in Singapore. In detail, Ore Huiying stated that her "great-grandfather started a coconut plantation in Yio Chu Kang in the 60s, with his 7 sons working alongside with him. When that area was slated for redevelopment in late 70s, they moved and started a pig farm in Punggol. I grew up there, where roughly 100 of my extended family lived and worked together. In the 80s, when the Singapore government phased out pig farming, my eldest uncle decided to venture into hydroponics farming."

"Currently, 3 generations of my family continue to work on our hydroponics farm in Khatib. The project will examine the past and present memories through my family’s archival photos, which dates back to the 60s, and also new works created by me."

The We Are Farmers series was exhibited way back in 2014 and was Ore Huiying's first solo exhibition.

To view the full gallery, head on to her site for We Are Farmers.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-05-07 #culture #people

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