LomoKino FilmSwap: guanatos x lzyrich


Last February, we opened a challenge for brave Lomographers to trust our match-making skills for an experimental LomoKino film swap project. Among many sign ups, only one strong pair remained: Lomographers Mario Ferrer (@guanatos) and Richard Lin (@lzyrich), who shot this charming short video in the cities of Barcelona and Singapore respectively. Watch the outcome of their "blind date" in this brief interview.

Richard Lin (@lzyrich) and Mario Ferrer (@guanatos)

What did you film with the LomoKino and where?

Mario: I filmed some of the places I pass through every day on my way to work. I like these spots, but I never stop to enjoy them as much as I could.

Richard: I took my LomoKino to the beach and shoot in the morning. There were lots of activities going on like people going for a morning jog, cycling, fishing and even playing beach volleyball!

Stills from the LomoKino Film Swap of @lzyrich and @guanatos

Did you encounter any funny or strange occurrences during this film swap?

Mario: As I was filming on the street, people just stared at me as I cranked away on my LomoKino.

Richard: Yes, as usual like what Mario said, people are curious on the LomoKino and wondering what was I cranking about.

Stills from the LomoKino Film Swap of @lzyrich and @guanatos

Would you like to do more film swaps with each other soon?

Mario: Yes! I love LomoKino swaps even if they're hard to get them just right. I started doing LomoKino swaps with the Logro Kino Colectivo (three super talented women who are lomographers from Logroño, Spain) a couple of years ago and I got hooked. You can watch them here: 1, 2, and 3.

Richard: Yes, of course! I always enjoyed doing film swapping as you can never guess what the outcome would be. Sometimes it just turns out well and magical! Being able to do a swap with Mario was a great pleasure. Guess will be my turn to send him some films to shoot soon!

Richard and Mario are already cooking up their next LomoKino film swap. So, keep a close watch on the Lomography Magazine—we'll be unveiling their new collaboration soon!

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  1. lzyrich
    lzyrich ·

    Thanks @ICEQUEENUBIA for the arrangement and write ups:)

  2. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    @lzyrich @guanatos Thank you, too! :)

  3. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Thanks this was an awesome project!

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