A Wicked, New Wide-Angle Wonder!

We’ve been completely bowled over by the stunning, new Lomo’Instant Square shots popping up all over the world. And now, we can't wait to see you take your super square sensations to the next level with the new Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment!

Portraits that Pop

When you attach this brand new Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment to your Lomo’Instant Square, you'll be able to get even closer to your subject. With a closest focusing distance of 0.5m, it's ideal for taking even bigger, bolder group shots, selfies and portraits. Squeeze even more detail into your super square shots like these!

Photos by Sunsern Poontavee, Julia Maria Gruber, and Riho Sasaki

Open Your World Up in an Instant

Expanding your field of view to 91.5°, the new Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment will pull out even more detail in an instant. Built with only the very best glass optics, it'll make shooting sweeping street scenes a doddle! Take it with you on every adventure, climb to the top of towering buildings, soak up the entire view, and embrace all the extraordinary things that make life b-e-a-utiful!

Photos by Sunsern Poontavee, Rob Detoyato
Photos by Devin Blaskovich and Sunsern Poontavee

Endless Creativity

Screw the Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment onto your Lomo'Instant Square and you'll be able to enjoy all the same classic shooting features like multiple exposures, long exposures, and so much. Whip out the remote control shutter release and take brilliant group shots. Pick up an Accessory Kit and you'll get a Splitzer, a Glass Portrait Lens, and an Instant Mini Back that lets you print Instax mini film too. And if that wasn't enough, we've also got a whole range of funky filters, check them out as well as tons more exciting accessories here!

Photos by Genevieve Doyle, and Devin Blaskovich

Widen your instant prospects now and pick up your Lomo'Instant Square Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment from the Online Shop or a Gallery Store.

2018-03-14 #gear

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Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

The Lomo’Instant Square Glass is the first and only fully analogue instant camera on the planet Earth to produce Instax square pictures. It lets you capture the world in a powerful snapshot while the square frame paves the way for wacky compositions. With a 95mm glass lens (45mm equivalent) and an automatic mode that takes care of exposure, the Lomo’Instant Square makes shooting super sharp, perfectly exposed snaps easy.

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