Mastering Street Photography with the LC-A 120 Camera

We're all students in the art of photography. Even the masters had to start somewhere, so don't be afraid to pick up new things along the way. Experimenting with different styles and techniques will lead to a better understanding of your own personal creative process. We've come up with a few exercises for you to try in your pursuit of your next great street snap in square format.

Get Up Close

Credits: wil6ka & lomokev

Robert Capa's name and shooting style was iconic for a reason. He knew how to take great photographs. Sometimes you need to shorten the distance between you and your subject. Don't be afraid to get too close. Step into the action and let the LC-A 120 work its creative magic. Its super quick zone focusing makes easy work out of street shots.

Participate in the Movement

Credits: wil6ka & needle76

Move — be in the thick of it all. Street photographers aren't afraid of a little action. Follow your subject and be vigilant with your composition. Snapping images out on the streets with square format is exciting. Filling your frame may be a challenge but the LC-A 120 is up for the job. Follow renowned photographer Garry Winogrand example and try your best shot.

Keep an Eye Out for Vibrant Colors

Credits: frenchyfyl & klive0420

William Eggleston photographs are teeming with colors. They jump out of the frame and create an explosion of expressive effects. True to its lineage, the LC-A 120 delivers photographs that are popping with saturated color. Use that to your advantage and give your photos an eye-catching jolt with playful colors.

Make the Scene Work For You

Credits: cfehse & antoniocampofreddo

Environments are fascinating. They tell you stories that are just hiding in plain sight. Photography powerhouse and skilled artist Brassai knew this early on. He recognized the importance of storytelling in documentary and street photography, and it's always present in his creative oeuvre. Be mindful of your surroundings and work your way through the scene with the LC-A 120 sharp Minigon lens.

Live in the Moment

Credits: xsara & alienmeatsack

There are special moments that only a camera and a skilled eye can identify. Henri Cartier-Bresson was so fine tuned with his senses that was always ready for the "decisive moment" just around the corner. Street photography revolves around these passing opportunities. Let the LC-A 120 automatic exposure settings take over and be amazed with the results.

Finding your own style is a process. Develop your style with the LC-A 120 and you'll be surprised what you can do with its many experimental features. Each roll that passes through this medium format camera will be piece of a road that leads to self-discovery. Start your journey and grab one now at the Online Shop or at a Gallery Store near you! And don't forget to share your street shots on social media using the hashtags #heylomography and #lomolca120.

written by cheeo on 2018-09-14 #gear #tutorials #street-photography #lc-a-120

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