Four-Panel Portraits: Warholian Snapshots in the ActionSampler Photobooth


Be unique with your portrait photography and 'selfie' game and go against the grain. Rest those smartphones for now and pick up a fresh roll of 35mm, load it into Lomography's ActionSampler camera and channel the punchy, pop attitude of Warholian portraiture.

Credits: laphoto

Going Old School

Andy Warhol became so influential in the visual art world because he saw everything in life as means to create art. From silkscreen crafts, time capsules to computers, Warhol was always innovative. He used his own photo booth to take photographs of his friends in his studio, The Factory. His photo-strip images have become his trademark style. Follow in the footsteps of Warhol with the simple, lightweight ActionSampler. Start shooting photobooth style portraits and immortalize friends and family in four shots — anytime and anywhere.

Credits: rupertengland & kathepalacio

Take Four

Why take one when you can take four? The ActionSampler's four operating lenses encourage you to keep shooting to your heart’s content as you fill up the rest of the exposure. No need to fuss over a bad shot, you have three more frames to fill! With each exposure containing four frames, you can tinker its lenses with color gels for the classic pop art approach like Warhol's painting Shot Marilyns, as well as his eclectic series of celebrity diptychs.

Credits: klyushnev & grad

Moving Portraits

An interesting, mostly unknown tidbit about Warhol's photobooth portraiture is that it was hugely inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's stop-motion photography, in which each frame of an action was carefully captured. Easily imitate the iconic technique with the Actionsampler. The shutter speed of the ActionSampler is fixed at 1/100 and aperture at f8, so make sure to coordinate with your models when framing fast actions and movements to nail desired poses. With a versatile focal range of 1.2m to infinity, the ActionSampler is perfect for switching between intimate close-ups, mid-range shots, and distant subjects.

Credits: nural, laphoto, eskimofriend & rupertengland

Keep snapping with the ActionSampler, available in the Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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Lomography Actionsampler

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