Finding the Last Person on Earth with Horizon Kompakt

Credits: neja

The last person on earth is fiercely independent and courageous. A risk-taker by nature, this person prefers to go unaccompanied as they explore uncharted territories; the person who will outlive everyone else. Embark on a journey to find this wayward wanderer with the Horizon Kompakt as we venture to isolated places and wide open spaces.

Anybody Out There?

Finding the last person on earth is not difficult at all. The solitary traveler can be easily found trekking mountain slopes, resting on the soil, or simply facing the blue ocean. The 28mm swing lens technology of the Horizon Kompakt easily spots the last person on earth, always ready to capture beautiful, scenic portraits.

Credits: neja

Keep Your Distance

The vast horizon liberates the imprisoned soul. We, humans, yearn for connections, and when lonely, we reach out to nature so we can soak the solitary scenery in. The advantage of the Horizon Kompakt is its panoramic frame. With a focal length of 75mm and a focusing distance of 2m to infinity, you can capture those remote places and zoom out from your subjects to emphasize expansive areas.

Credits: warning, wil6ka & jolenechen

Angles of Isolation

Adjust your perspectives for dramatic flair. Skew your views by stepping further away from your subject and go for the asymmetrical shot. Tip the lens up toward your subject for a powerful, solitary profile. The Horizon Kompakt's wide-angle view gives the photographer the power to make champion negative space in pictures to create reclusive, contemplative masterpieces.

Credits: weedos, life_on_mars & neja

Widen your point of view with the Horizon Kompakt, available at the Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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