How to Take Dramatic Shots with the LC-Wide

There are many things to consider when you're going for an engaging shot. The thing is, you just have to know how to put the pieces together. Whether you're going for fun and fantastic or simple and understated, there are many elements you can incorporate in your shots to give them that extra oomph. The LC-Wide can be your best friend when it comes to creating dynamic effects. Here are some points to get you started:

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Match Your Mood

Set up the mood of your shots by playing around with lighting and even color combinations. These elements keep your audience busy as their eyes jump from one aspect to another. Manipulating mood in your shots will be easy with the LC-Wide. It can create superb vignettes and strong contrast that'll make your shots even more engaging.

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Introduce Lines Into the Equation

Sometimes, the smallest things play the biggest part in a photograph. Let lines occupy your shots. They may intersect, lead attention to your subject or be the subject themselves. What's good is that they don't always have to be straight lines, they can curve and play around your images. The LC-Wide is particularly good at this. Illustrate what your mind's eye dictates with its quick zone focus selection and mighty wide-angle lens.

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Photograph Action

Movement can make any image leap out of the print. It can express motion and speed, no matter how graceful or harsh it is. While being dynamic can be easily mistaken for taking photos of only action, the lack of it in an image is also a good example. Stillness can create suspense. It's a thrilling moment that sometimes you don't dare disturb. Conjure some exciting action shots with the LC-Wide's clear and crisp Minitar-1 lens — it's sharp and ready for anything.

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Adjust Your Angle

Regular angles work for regular people. But as Lomographers, we’re not exactly wired to be ordinary. Keep things exciting by playing around with your angles. Tilt it, flip it, and be imaginative about it. Angles are easier to capture with the LC-Wide's light and compact body. Nimble, maneuverable — perfect when you’re experimenting with angles and composition and its wide field of view adds a dramatic kick to your images.

Credits: dakadev_pui & jamespareja

Make Use of Your Frame

Fill it or empty it, it's your choice. It's your frame and what matters is how you see it. The contents of your frame can be adjusted to make your image more powerful. Simply having an object in the middle of the frame won't cut it. Switch from regular frames to square format, and even to half-frames at will with the LC-Wide.

Credits: nicolasesc, mapix & dannyedwards

All these and more can be captured with a little bit of imagination and a little help from the ever reliable LC-Wide. Cycle through these points and let your creativity loose. Whatever your vision urges you to shoot, the LC-Wide can definitely do it for you. Grab one now at the Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you and discover the possibilities as you go.

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