Color Chronicles: A Taste of Burgundy

The color burgundy is a hybrid of purple and dark red, with a hint of brown between. It’s name comes from the region of France, Burgundy, where a certain Pinot noir originated. Since the color came from the hue of a Burgundy wine, one can assume it’s high-class standing.

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The intrigue of this color comes from its mysterious origin story. It wraps itself upon many aspects of life, almost becoming invisible. If the all-powerful, “in-your-face” red is loud, burgundy is the silent but deadly patriarch. The name Burgundy originated from an ancient Norse warrior race, the Burgundians, who raided and pillaged Northern Europe before settling as colonizers and administrators. The Burgundians had eventually cut off of their Scandinavian roots and become French nobles.

Such name truly fits the name this deep red. They say wine can be blood. The color burgundy certainly represents both. And both blood and wine represent power, sensuality, and violence.

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According to Color Psychology, the color is rather mercurial, as it is simultaneously an enigma and a visible power and ambition to behold.

In art and fashion, objects and fashioned the wealthy, say the robes of a King or Queen, would be soaked in this deep red. Photographers have also tried to emulate the gothic color by soaking rolls of film in red wine.

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