Splitzer Surrealism with the Diana F+


Surrealism is an art movement that celebrates the strange charm in the unexpected and unconventional. Iconic surrealist Salvador Dali described his paintings as "hand-painted dream photographs", and you too can achieve a similar aesthetic. Load your Diana F+ with a roll of 120 film, mount the Diana+ Splitzer onto the lens, and you'll be ready to start crafting some super surreal Splitzer wonderlands.

Credits: jeabzz

Nothing Is Too Weird

With the Diana+ Splitzer attached to your Diana F+, simply twist the blades to any angle you like and take your first shot. Then, twist the blades again and take another shot. Voilà — you just created your first sliced-and-diced Diana photo!

Credits: gerda, smolda, aprilrich427, paramir & jeabzz

Playful Picks

You can get the Diana+ Splitzer from the Diana Accessory Kit, which packs all the lenses and accessories created exclusively for the Diana F+. Mix and match them as you wish! Use the Splitzer with different lenses (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Close-Up, SuperWide), or attach the 35mm Back to shoot 35mm photos with your camera. It also includes a cable release to keep your camera steady when shooting long-exposures.

Credits: takezo85, karol_lsf, mandashitley & jeabzz

Get the Diana Accessory Kit, which includes the Diana Splitzer, from the Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you.

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  1. peteparker
    peteparker ·

    Have a look at my album "Road to Heaven" created at the Monumental Cemetery of Milano, with DIana F+, splitzer and Lomography Redscale film: www.lomography.es/homes/peteparker/albums/1707259-road-to-h… . Enjoy.

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