Photos of Asia: Jonah Liao's Online Film Dump

We all have film photos we have stashed away somewhere. Filipina film enthusiast Jonah Liao "dumps" her analog photos taken all around Asia through her instagram account herfilmdump.

We had a quick chat with her about analog passions and documenting adventures.

© Jonah Liao | herfilmdump

Hello Jonah! Could you please introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

I'm Jonah Liao, a twenty-year-old student from Manila, Philippines. I got into film photography because of a blogger named Zoe Suen - I look up to her and aspire to be like her, which is why when I found out that she takes photos using a film camera, I decided to try it out as well. Besides this, I also really grew fond of how film adds a certain filter or feeling (I don't know the word for it) to a photo. It makes photos look nostalgic, and I love having that effect.

I use film photography both as a means for me to reminisce on memories as well as to express myself. I believe that through my photos, people are able to see a glimpse of who I am. Personally, I don't label myself as a photographer, because I really just look at myself as a girl taking photos of things she likes using a film camera.

Can you share with us your favorite photos so far?

Sure! I've attached herewith some photos I've taken in the last 2 years using my very handy Olympus MJU Zoom 105 Deluxe. In addition, I am writing below this descriptions of the shots and why I consider them my favorites!

I took this photo in 2016 during a sleepover at a hotel with my college friends. | © Jonah Liao | herfilmdump
I like it, because it looks dreamy especially because of the dominant colors of pink and purple. It was also a very fun night with my friends, so there's a very positive memory attached to that photo.
This photo was taken in December of 2017 at Yehliu in Taipei. | © Jonah Liao | herfilmdump
It's a favorite of mine because I like how solid and differentiated the colors were in the photo, plus Yehliu was absolutely gorgeous and I love how the photo reminds me of the beauty of the place.
This photo was taken in December of 2017 at the Taipei Zoo. | © Jonah Liao | herfilmdump
I am very proud of this photo because to me, it looks like a screenshot from an indie movie. Its colors also remind me of a movie I really like - Moonrise Kingdom.
This photos was taken in 2017 in Caramoan Island, Philippines. | © Jonah Liao | herfilmdump
What I absolutely love about this photo is how calm it makes me feel. I wanted to capture the serenity in Caramoan, and in a way I believe I did, because you could see the stillness and quietness of the sea and the island in the photo.
This photo was also taken in December of 2017 at Yehlui in Taipei. | © Jonah Liao | herfilmdump
I don't know why I consider this a favorite, I just do.

Check out more of Jonah's photos on her Instagram at herfilmdump.

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