Here Comes the Sun: Analogue Warm-Ups with Fisheye Baby 110

The ice thaws as springtime approaches! The sun will be up and the world will soon erupt in springtime color again. If you've been missing the sunlight lately, you'd better start warming up your analogue photography skills because today is the first official day of spring! Rest those SLRs and medium format cameras, all you'll need is a petite, simple but powerful camera to begin your springtime grind. A miniature version of the Fisheye No. 2, the Fisheye Baby 110 is here to be your spring companion.

Credits: juansupergen

Mini Wonders

The Fisheye Baby 110 measures only 2.8 in. (h) x 2.7 in. (w) x 2 in. (d), just enough to fit in one's pocket and be ready for any spontaneous moment to happen. Satiate your springtime experiments with the Fisheye Baby 110, and pair it with the Lomography Color Tiger 200 for crisp and brilliant photos.

Hello, Sunshine!

It's good to have the sun back after those cloudy winter days. The Fisheye Baby 110's fixed aperture of f8 ensures that fine, gossamer-like light disperses across the image. Tilt it up skywards and let those rays reflect on your frame.

Credits: susielomovitz, spidey27 & 007-0815-styler

Fresh Foliage

The flower buds are in bloom, and the leaves return to their viridian hues. Cast your eyes downwards and admire the foliage. The Fisheye Baby 110 has a fixed focusing and a focal length of 10mm, prompting you to get as close as possible to your subjects. When shooting nature, make sure to pair up the Fisheye Baby 110 with the Lomography Color Tiger 200. Known for its sharpness and striking colors, this color negative 110 film emulsion transforms dull tones into punchy, saturated shades, making objects look vibrant and alive.

Credits: ehmahh & susielomovitz

The Analogue Underdog

The timeless wordsmith William Shakespeare once wrote “Though she be but little, she is fierce!", and such a remark could not be more suited for the Fisheye Baby 110. This teeny-tiny camera might look unassuming, but inside it’s brimming with features such as multiple exposures, bulb mode, and a 170° ultra-wide convex angle lens. Curating great memories and polishing up your visual skills for decisive analogue moments just got that little bit easier — thanks to this mighty, cute little camera!

Credits: susielomovitz, juansupergen & mario-salvenmoser

Reignite your analogue skills with the Fisheye Baby 110, available at the Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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