Purple Haze: Jessica Bellinger Experiments with LomoChrome Purple

Lifestyle photographer Jessica Bellinger channels dreamy and surreal vibes in these photos while experimenting with our LomoChrome Purple film. We chatted with her about why the use of film is so important to her work and the surprises and mysteries of analog photography.

©Jessica Bellinger

Tell us about your current project.

This was actually just a test roll for the Lomo Purple. I knew I wanted to try it outdoors with a lot of greens around, and have the model wear something a little flowy and dreamy. I posed her in places I knew the purple would show up the most. Needless to say, it came out very purple and I was so thrilled with the color!

©Jessica Bellinger

How did you get into photography?

I started about three and a half years ago. My best friend growing up was a photographer and I always assisted shoots and even modeled for her. I watched the whole process and I grew as she grew. Once I got my own camera, the frenzy started. I couldn’t stop learning and taking photos. After a few years, it led me into shooting film, and now I have a huge love for film.

©Jessica Bellinger

Many fashion photographers shoot digitally these days. How does working with film benefit your work?

I feel like with shooting film, it's always a surprise and never a definite result. I think that is what keeps an artist hooked. It's an element we can’t exactly control. It's an amazing feeling to get the film back and to realize the photos are better than you ever imagined. Besides just the feeling, the look is so organic. No photo is the same, and the way film handles color, tones, and highlight retention is something that I have found cannot always be replicated with digital. Also, there are so many different films to choose from. Lomo Purple, for example, is a film that is nothing like digital. Yes, I still shoot digital and it has its other benefits, but I have a real true love for film and its mysteries.

©Jessica Bellinger

Your LomoChrome purple photos have a very dreamy vibe to them. What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

As I mentioned, I really wanted an area with lots of greens where I knew the purple would catch. I had never used the film before so I was not sure how deep the purple would turn out. I was surprised to see that the purple came out so deep. I have a bunch more rolls and I plan to do another shoot with a little more intention and really create something dreamy with this film.

©Jessica Bellinger

What do you enjoy most about shooting with LomoChrome Purple?

I love that it's like nothing else. Every photo is a surprise and there are so many tricks and ideas you can use with this film to even make it more unique.

©Jessica Bellinger

Do you have any advice for photographers looking to get started?

Don’t listen to what everyone says. People will give you advice and some people, when they start out, will try so hard to play by the book and follow all of the rules photographers tell them. That will just keep you in a box! Explore all processes, cameras, lenses and films! Even your iPhone photos can be turned into masterpieces.

You can check out more of Jessica's work on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

written by sragomo on 2018-03-07 #gear #people

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