Shoot from the Hip: Kids' Eye-View

One of Lomography's 10 Golden Rules is to "shoot from the hip", a crucial habit every Lomographer must follow. Of course, it doesn't strictly mean one must directly shoot from the hip; you can tilt and skew the perspective as if a child's taking control of your camera. Channel the inner child in you and indulge with spontaneity and recklessness by mimicking the perspective of a kid.

Looking at Mom & Dad

Ever missed that feeling when parents seemed as if they control the whole world around you? From the hip, tilt that camera up, and you'll see mom and dad gazing down you as if you've done something mischievous again!

Credits: aim2run, margogreenlaw & tejka

Bugs — Bugs Everywhere!

Ever curious children are, that even the smallest things and living creatures found in one's garden fascinate them. Careless as they are, they fear nothing at all and get closer to danger, even with all the creepy crawlers.

Credits: anne_g_bussell, kleeblatt & klindin

Come Play with Me

Aside from parents, kids' fellow playmates are their favorite people. They understand, speak, and act the same way other children do, and often they copy and follow each other. Playtime just isn't fun without them!

Credits: oleman, ketchupmama & flanflipflop

Crawl Shots

Imitation is one of the earliest skills a kid learns, and they often love to impersonate their pets or animals they get to watch on the television. Sometimes it's part of their playtime too, spending a lot of time on all fours.

Credits: roryeaglestone, jblaze823 & mapix

2018-03-07 #tutorials #shoot-from-the-hip #kid-s-eye-view

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