Monday Moodboard: Peaceful Pastels

Party on a Friday night, party harder on a Saturday, then bum on Sunday. You end up dreading Monday. The tension of your nape heightens, the agitation and anxiety recur. Monday has that ability to overpower and weaken your fighting spirit and will to get through the grind.

That's why pastel colors are beloved. The minimal saturation of the colors allows the viewer to get comfortable and relaxed as they are less provoking and piercing to our senses, evoking our love for nature while calming us. Gaze at our therapeutic palette in our Monday Moodboard.

Credits: marta1901, ananditya, natalieerachel, sandravo, neja, fake_lol, phyllistc, arada, doja, canfanta, kratenkt, sommarboken, juzifer & catfordst

2018-03-05 #inspiration #pastel #monday-moodboard

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