Jaromír Funke: the Leader of Czech Photography in Early 20th Century


The Czech photographer and starter Jaromír Funke was certainly one of a kind. He was ahead of the abstract movements that would later on trend mid-century, such as Cubism, New Objectivity, Abstract Art and Surrealism.

He was one of the firsts.

Abstract Photo – Composition / Abstraktes Foto – Komposition, 1927–29 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke; Abstract Photo I/ Abstraktes Foto I, 1928–29 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke; Loneliness and Glasses / EInsamkeit und Brille, ca. 1924 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke

Initially, a man with a background in medicine, law and philosophy, Funke turned to photography after the First World War. He was an experimental artist, playing with light and shadow through minimalistic compositions. He would use glass bottles, plates, glass objects, bulbs and other still life material for mirroring and reflecting, a style in which he challenges the perception of the typical human eye.

An avant-garde, Funke's "Abstract Photo (1927-29)" began to solely rely on shadows, with a goal to “highlight two objects, contrast two realities, combine different elements in a single photo".

Catch his work at the show Jaromír Funke. Avant-Garde Photographer at the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, running through April 29.

Plates I / Teller I, ca. 1923 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke; From ‘The Time persists’ series / Aus der Serie „Die Zeit dauert an”, 1930-34 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke; After the Carnival I/ Nach dem Karneval I, 1924–26 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke; From ‘The Time persists’ series / Aus der Serie „Die Zeit dauert an”, 1932 © Miloslava Rupešová-Funková / Jaromír Funke

Images are from the press kit.

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