LomoAmigos Samana: Landscapes & High Altitudes with the LC-A+

Meet Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett of Samana who tested out the LC-A+ camera.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are Samana, a musical outfit composed of myself, Rebecca Rose Harris and my partner Franklin Mockett. Samana was realised in the heart of an Austrian forest surrounding a secret lake 3000 meters above sea level, during a journey we undertook across the natural wildernesses and distant cities of Europe; unaware of when we would return or where the road would take us. The name Samana provides an insight into the many conceptual layers that make up the band. As an ancient Sanskrit term, it speaks of one ‘who abandons the conventional obligations of social life in order to find a way of life more in tune with the ways of nature.’

Between ourselves we are multi-disciplinary artists. Franklin crafts the instrumentation, recording, and production of the music to analogue tape, whilst I create the conceptual imagery, artwork, lyrics and film. The process by which all works were recorded is of great importance to us, as we built our analogue recording studio ‘The Road Records’ and darkroom in the remote mountains of Wales.

What inspires you both to write music?

We compose with emotional honesty and direct openness. Each song is written with its own distinct weight and significance, born from the interpretation of dreams, the philosophies of ancient rituals and personal experience of love, loss and death. Through an honest appreciation of dichotomy, our music leads us into the realms of the unassociated and unknown.

How did you get on shooting with the LC-A+?

We very much enjoyed it. The camera was very easy to use, and was the perfect size for travelling light. We particularly enjoyed exploring the feature of the LC-A+ that allows you to overlap two images.

What did you choose to shoot?

We photographed on impulse the moments we felt drawn to during our tour around France. We frequently turned the camera upon one another and often captured the vast empty landscapes of the high altitudes we would pass through in the small hours of dawn.

Whats coming up in the future?

We will be releasing our debut album later this year which we are incredibly excited about - all updates can be found on our website samanaroad.com. (The Road Records) Rebecca also currently has an exhibition in Dusseldorf until the 4th March which was featured in the Dusseldorf photo weekend - more information on my website rebeccaroseharris.com

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