An Ant's Eye-View with the Fisheye No. 2

In the digital age where everything is interconnected via the Internet, appreciating the minuscule details of our own lives has become a rare practice. We can learn a thing or two from someone else's perspective — how about an ant's? Follow in the footsteps of thousands of Lomographers who've ditched conventional eye-level compositions for trippy, low-level shots as Lomography's Fisheye No. 2 welcomes you to its unique viewpoint.

Credits: gnarlyleech

The World According to Crawlers

Crouch, drop to your knees, crawl like an ant walking its way to its destined food source as you and your Fisheye No. 2 look at your subject in a different light. Everything is not what it seems from down here, the Fisheye turned the familiar world into an unexplored expanse.

Credits: chrstn, calo & dakadev_pui

Larger than Life

As you look up, the world looks like an endless horizon, the trees like towers, people like giants. Because of its fixed focusing and a focal length of 10mm, the Fisheye compels you to get closer to the subject. The small details are more recognizable and the bigger picture makes more sense now as you keep zooming in.

Credits: maximsmajda, neufotomacher, henriquecosta & sobetion

Great Heights to Conquer

Looking from skywards to the normal eye-level, the Fisheye No. 2's 170° field of view distorts the human eye-view for hemispherical images. The direct view of the Fisheye No. 2 creates a curve in the frame; the central subject always looks overwhelmingly grand and monumental. The world isn't so small after all!

Widen your perspective with the Fisheye No. 2 camera, available at the Lomography Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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Lomography Fisheye No. 2

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

See the world through 170⁰ of fabulous Fisheye distortion. Our Fisheye cameras use regular 35mm film. A built-in flash can be switched on so you could have more coverage in underwater depths or even at late night parties.

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