5 Easy Ways to Improvise Creative Lighting

Photography is just like any other art form for the creative person. It's a medium with a goal of achieving perfection, and when things get a little too perfect, boredom and routine fatigue ensue. Creativity requires breaking repetition and to come up with newer techniques and workflows.

So, Youtube vlogger Jessica Kobeissi came up with a video showing off 5 light sources easily found in one's garage or attic, perhaps some of them even came from the 70's. Now, they are repurposed. In this video, Kobeissi used a suncatcher, a moon lamp, a disco ball, star projector night light, and holographic fabric from a holographic bag for some light leak imitations and pastel flares.

2018-02-26 #tutorials #videos #lighting #tipster #creative-photography

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