Walk Out to Winter with Lomo LC-A+


Baby, it’s still cold outside! While it’s pretty tempting to bundle up at home with a warm drink and catch up on your favorite TV series, winter scenes are lovely to photograph, too. So grab a coat, brave the cold, and let the Lomo LC-A+ lead the way.

Credits: yanayana, uphilldawta & life_on_mars

Slide Into Winter Colors

Paired with the Lomo LC-A+, cross-processed slide film is usually a favorite when it's sunny. Try it in a colder climate and surprise yourself with awesome results: icy blues, minty greens, and snowy whites will stand out, but brighter colors shine through, too.

Credits: jennson, tiano, rancliffhasenza & an4

Notice the Little Details

Keep an eye on interesting subjects that are often overlooked. Frosty-nosed pets, icicle-coated twigs, trees caked in fresh snow. The Lomo LC-A+ trademark vignetting will subtly frame your subject and its classic Minitar lens will deliver punchy colors.

Credits: hodachrome, gleby, orangebird, an4, mateja & claudi1007

Have Fun in the Snow

Take advantage of the snowy landscape. Capture a serene moment or a sporty winter story! The Lomo LC-A+ zone focusing system makes it easy to quickly snap super cool photos. Just set the distance and press that shutter!

Credits: mikeluntzilla, mateja, tyler_durden, juliagulia, fruchtzwerg_hh, t0m7, olga_primavera, kleinerkaries & inkkl

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Mentioned Product

Lomo LC-A+

Lomo LC-A+

Be an analogue photography pro with the Lomo LC-A family. Get the signature ‘35mm Lomographic look’ with shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors and saturation.The Lomo LC-A is the Russian classic with customizable aperture settings. The Lomo LC-A+ has awesome added tricks like multiple exposure capabilities, extended ISO range up to 1600 and a cable release thread!


  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    My LC-A+ RL is now loaded with an Ultramax 400 film roll! Photos coming soon!

  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    @sirio174 love that film. can't wait to see photos!

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