Urban Sightseeing for the Street Shooter: Daytime in Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands is famous for a lot of things, and it has over 7 million travelers yearly. There are over 1,500 bridges, scenic canals, profound architecture, enriching city life, art, history... the list goes on.

However, for others, it's also known to be a metropolis for immense freedom. According to Shooter Files, the city is known for the "three P's" — pot, party, prostitution. It's the perfect city for people who just want to relax and go wild without consequences, thus an addition to the high tourist statistics.

There's another ''P" to consider here, though. Amsterdam is very picturesque. Here are some of our tips to get the most out of this gorgeous city under the sun.

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Dawn for Uninterrupted Street Views

One of the major draws of this city is how democratic and liberating it is (it's a very ballpark way to describe it), as it has one of the most lively red light districts. Day and night, the streets are filled with people, so much so that it's difficult to capture good images of the cityscape. According to Light Stalking, dawn is the ideal time to get a hold of those scenic streets and canals.

Credits: ecchymoses, nia_ffm & af-capture

Architecture in the Afternoons

Turn your lens from eye-level to the skies! Since the streets are most of the time crowded, a fresh perspective would be an alternative. Plus, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities, having best of both worlds of medieval buildings to modern minimalist structures.

Credits: zorki & nia_ffm

Floral Culture

One detail you will love about the city is how flowers play a huge part of the area. Flower shops and gardens are aplenty, and so are people walking in and out with a bud on hand. The canal bridges and windowsills are also lined with plants and tulips. The Hortus Botanicus and Keukenhof Gardens are a must-visit during the daylight.

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Paying Homage to Ed van der Elsken's "Love on the Left Bank"

The famous Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken's classic book featured some of the most interesting street photographs and portraits documenting the Parisian life and culture. The book was a visual tale following a girl named "Ann" and her encounters with the men and women on the margins. Amsterdam's rich downtown life and artistic community make the city an ideal setting for a street-documentary series, inspired by Elsken's vision. Go shoot black and white, snap photographs of people that catch your attention, and most of all — become one of them.

Credits: thefuturist, mephisto19, anna-lomo & imonkie

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