Christopher Logan backstage at NYC Fashion Week with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

Credit: Christopher Logan - @cloganstudios & @EpsonNYFW

NYC based photographer Christopher Logan is known for his unique way of capturing the fashion scenes around the globe on film. Teen Vogue once said his photos were the coolest way to view Fashion Week. That sounds tempting, we thought. So when he asked us to take our Neptune Art Lens System to this year's Fashion Week 2018 we didn't hesitate but handed him our Art Lens treasure and let him do his thing. He took it backstage to two shows and produced a series for us that left us stunned.

Carlos Campos

Credit: Christopher Logan - @cloganstudios & Carlos Campos

While we would have expected the atmosphere the backstage areas to be stressful and chaotic, Logan managed to somehow produce a series that does in fact show the behind the scenes but at the same time does not lack of glamour at all.

Credit: Christopher Logan - @cloganstudios & Carlos Campos

Epson - Digital Fabric Printing

Playing with backlight, shadows and dark colors, he creates a calm, magical and glamorous mood that might as well have been a prepared fashion shoot on its own.

Credit: Christopher Logan - @cloganstudios & @EpsonNYFW

As calm and glamorous as it may seem in his beautiful shots, don't forget the stress and pressure he must have been feeling while trying to get the perfect shot without being in the way of the teams and their work. We are more than honored that Christopher Logan chose our Neptune Art Lens System for his famous glance backstage at this year's New York City Fashion Week.

Credit: Christopher Logan - @cloganstudios & @EpsonNYFW

Make sure to follow Christopher Logan on Instagram or have a look at website to see more of his work.

Thanks again, Christopher!

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