Finding "Mise-en-scène" Through the Sprocket Rocket


The French expression mise-en-scène refers to the arrangement of everything that appears on the frame that thematically reflects the screenplay. In cinema, it's the organization of actors, lighting, setting, and costumes placed on stage, proving Oscar Wilde's opinion of art and "mimesis" when he stated, "life imitates art far more than art imitates life".

But there is only partial truth in Wilde's statement, as mise-en-scène isn't necessarily a production term, but rather a viewer's or a critic's term referring to the harmony of elements, which is everything found in the frame. In photography, framing doesn't have to be arranged and organized to make things look 'cinematic'. It's all about finding the art in life, and Lomography's Sprocket Rocket camera does the job.

Credits: singleelderly, lawypop & -dakota-

Sprockets of Life

Finding the mise-en-scène in real life situations is easy with the Sprocket Rocket because it takes on lighting conditions with the ideal Sunny f16 or Cloudy f10.8 aperture functions.

But its winning feature is certainly its ability to expose the sprocket holes. Like vintage film reels seen in old black-and-white movies, a single photograph with sprocket holes immediately carries an air of spontaneity — although framed and captured in "cinematic" perfection.

Credits: singleelderly & purepaty

There's no need to be a set designer or filmmaker to micromanage the elements of the frame; framing is a piece of cake for the Sprocket Rocket! The camera also imitates the standard 16mm of a cinematic shot with the use of the 35mm format in super-wide angle panorama, ready to take on all elements and variables to be captured in the quadrangle — be it polarizing colors, shapes, intricate angles or perspectives. Simply by using the Sprocket Rocket, life can be like the movies.

Credits: singleelderly, wuxiong, magcanut & ccwu

Seize the day and turn moments into film stills with the Sprocket Rocket camera, available at the Lomography Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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Mentioned Product

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

A camera dedicated to those preciously analogue sprocket holes, the Sprocket Rocket features a super-wide lens that flawlessly exposes the whole width of the 35mm film. Flaunt those sprocket holes in every shot! Enjoy a super panoramic view of the world with our series of Sprocket Rocket cameras and accessories.


  1. frenchyfyl
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    I love Sprocket Rocket!

  2. zaczepiamludzi
    zaczepiamludzi ·

    Fantastic camera! I have two already :D Do you plan to refresh this line, Lomography? Maybe glass lens? (but even plastic one is surprisingly sharp) Maybe ability to attach cable release for some long exposures? ;)

  3. taurus
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