Roam Free with the Simple Use Film Camera

Capture life and all its beautiful complexities as you progress from one adventure to the next. Everything is an adventure and it's all up to you how you experience them. Grab life by the reins and do things your way! No matter where life takes you, the Simple Use Film Cameras will keep you company. They're pre-loaded with different 35mm films so all you need to do is shoot — everything’s simple and easy to use so you can focus more on your next steps.

Credits: choko3

Spontaneity Is the Name of the Game

No fuss, no hassle, all fun. Choose between colorful shots and classy monochromes. All your bases are covered from the get go! Bring it with you on parties, casual photowalks, dinner dates, and even on your travels. Run, jump, laugh, and have fun. Remember, you have more time to live in the moment when you have fewer settings to adjust!

Credits: aleyna, refallinsasaki, pinar434, elodinosaur, nural & pierredeschamps

Go ahead, live a little and don't be afraid of the little imperfections. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to embrace them. Take chances and use the different color filters to create some very unique effects. Mix and match the filters to fit your mood — let the possibilities surprise you. The Simple Use Film Camera will be there to help you seize the moment with every click of the shutter. Happy snapping!

2018-03-10 #gear #simple-use-film-camera

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