Stunning, Stylish — Portraits Taken with the Petzval 85

Photographers have a soft spot for subjects that matter to them. They take photos to constantly remind themselves just how beautiful the world is and taking portraits are no different. A good portrait isn't just an image, it's a gift. You can write a splendid love letter with a simple click of the shutter. And like with any love letter, you need a tool that gets the job done.

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The Petzval 85 lens is perfect for these kinds of moments. You can use this meticulously crafted brass lens with your Nikon or Canon SLRs to elevate your portraits. They'll bring out the best in your subjects by making them the star of the show.

Blur Your Background

Bring attention to your subject by giving them the center stage.

Credits: timelessromance & lukasjurewicz

While crisp and clear images are good, introducing blurred elements in your style can give your portraits a beautiful effect. This is what makes bokeh so great. A beautifully blurred background can accentuate your subject's best features by bringing focus to the center of the frame. The Petzval 85's distinctive swirls will make any subject stand out.

Bring Out the Color

Powerful colors make for interesting images. Use them well!

Credits: shawnlin & dop

As photographers, we are drawn in by vibrant colors. You'll find that pretty colors in portraits can be a great tool for expression. Channel your inner Monet or Picasso and experiment with different hues — we're sure that your subjects will love it.

Play Around with Moody Monochromes

Experiment with texture, contrast, and shadows in your images.

Credits: antoniocastello & emkei

Adding character to portraits can be as easy and fun as shooting in black and white. After all, monochrome shots are timeless. The reason these portraits work so well is that they have varying intensities of black and white elements. These factors create certain moods for your portraits.

Create an Even More Stunning Background

Sometimes, a good background is all you need.

Credits: marder17

The experimentation doesn't stop there. You can also use the dedicated aperture plates to give your shots an extra spritz of style. Choose between the different shapes to add interesting bokeh patterns to the background. These little details will be your portrait's sweet finale.

Make every photo count with the Petzval 85 lens — a photographic tool for your creative needs. Upload your best and latest shots taken with the Petzval 85 lens to your LomoHomes and different social media. Use the hashtag #Petzval85 and fill your feed with endless bokeh shots!

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