Printing Photos on Grass


As far as interesting photo projects go, this one seems to be the most bizarre because instead of using traditional medium to print on; they use grass.

from Testament © Ackroyd & Harvey

We know, that's pretty far fetched and kind of beats the purpose of taking photographs but it's honestly a fresh take on the whole process of photography. Other unique photography projects like taking pictures and printing them on stone have been out there so this may not be actually a surprise.

from Testament © Ackroyd & Harvey

Artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey are the masterminds behind this unconventional process. Their methods are rooted in scientific principles. They use large patches of grass (hung on walls and framed in canvass) and project an image onto it using a projector. Science then kicks in as chlorophyll in the grass change its color. It's like art and science wrapped in a quirky and quite interesting package.

via YouTube

This goes to show that sometimes you can really come up with creative content when you think out of the box.

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