The Land and the Sky: Lomography x Greater Skies

This is for the die-hard romantics and those ones who didn't have a Valentine. For those who hold many dear places in the map of their hearts. For the lovers of photography and the night sky.

Credits: 134340, novakmisi, why-yu, roberteaton, hodachrome, shoujoai & merveebasturk

If you find yourself there, it's your time to shine! We teamed up with Greater Skies in order to bring you the sweetest of all challenges.
GreaterSkies are the original creators of the custom star map. All you have to do is entering any date, time and place in the world that is important to you and they create a beautifully detailed, high resolution sky map of the stars, as they aligned above that special moment.

What do we want to see? That bench where you shared the first kiss, the hidden restaurant that you discovered together—walk us through your most romantic and meaningful memory lane. We are looking forward to see your sweetest shots!

Here's what you can win:

First Prize

Two Runner-ups

Map the places where your love story bloomed and submit those romantic photos now!

If you want to discover more about our stellar partners, check their website and discover even more on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

2018-02-15 #places

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