Lomo LC-Wide: Half-Frame Stories

What if you’re going on a trip and can only accommodate one camera and a roll of film? How on earth are you going to survive with just 36 shots? Two words: Half-frame. Not just any other half-frame camera, but make it Lomo LC-Wide.

Hailing from the iconic Lomo LC-A+ family, this compact 35mm camera prides itself on having an ultra-wide-angle 17mm Minigon 1 lens. Perfect when you need to pack in more details in one shot …or two! The LC-Wide can shoot in Half-Format, Square, or Standard Full Frame.

Credits: i_am_four-eyes & bnjmn

Shoot Up to 72 Stories

You can double the number of shots if you’re shooting half-frames. To do this, insert the included 17x24mm (HF) plastic frame into the Film Chamber. Switch the Advancing Control Switch to “HF” mode. Then, open the Lens Cover Switch to “HF” when you’re about to shoot.

Credits: hannah_brown, waggrad00 & dannyedwards

Some Lomographers opt to shoot half-frames without using the HF plastic frame. This results in wider-than-wide shots — an endless panorama. Images will blend, creating a surrealist effect If you want to try this yourself, keep in mind that the image you take is bigger than what you can see in the viewfinder. Also make sure to tell the film lab not to cut the negatives, and scan your panoramas yourself.

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, grad & littlemisslove

Start weaving your half-framed stories with the Lomo LC-Wide. Get yours from the Online Shop or a Lomography Gallery Store near you.

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