Developing Kodachrome in Color


Film photography enthusiasts all over the world gasped when Kodak announced that it was discontinuing the product in 2009. It's indeed sad news since photographers held the long gone emulsion to quite a high standard. Imagine the countless memories taken with the Kodachrome film. Now, to give you a bit of good news, someone has developed a process to develop the widely loved film in color.

© Kelly-Shane Fuller

Kelly-Shane Fuller of Pirateology Studios came up with a unique process that gives him a bit of control over Kodachrome film. After experimenting with chemicals and methods, he succeeded in bringing out color. The process is far from perfect but it does offer variety in processing. Kelly-Shane offers processing services. Though a bit expensive, it's a whole lot better than letting the last remaining rolls of this precious film go unprocessed. Come to think of it, the results are actually pretty good. They have this mild color shift that gives images more character.

Credits: natalieerachel, neurodiaz, sixsixty & neja

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Information used in this article was sourced from Shoot Film Co, and Pop Photo.

written by cheeo on 2018-02-12 #news

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Quite doubt with the result, the color are not as good as my imagine of kodachrome maybe because the first kodacrome I saw was Steve McCurry's at documentary the last kodachrome 😂

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