Happy President's Day: This is Analog Amerika

Today, more than ever, we want to celebrate the diversity of this country and it's people. For President's Day, let's remember the Presidents of our history who were able to see this beautiful diversity and embraced it, as well as call out to others, who seem to be unable to appreciate it. And since more than 140 and even 280 characters are too many for some leaders of countries, we make our point by letting the pictures do the talking.

The beauty of our huge international community is, that we are able to paint a picture of the real beauty of America - through thousands of individual perspectives in exactly the way you all see and experience big cities and landscapes, the colors and shades of grey this country has to offer. Because it is just as diverse as the people behind the view finder.

Surfin' USA

The great blue that is embracing our country calls for taking your Lomo-Loves for a swim. Well, very carefully, or at least for a day at the beach. Hot weather calls for Vignettes, blue skies and water calls for saturated colors - okay let's skip all that and get to the point: It all boils down to taking your Lomo LC-A+ or Lomo LC-Wide and capture the blue beauty on the East and West coast, like our community did so wonderfully here.

Credits: collegelover, mambanegra, koduckgirl, needle76 & stuckintraffic

Big City Life

The Lomo LC-A Family is not only a perfect beach buddy but should also be your companion during everyday life in one of our gorgeous cities of America. Make your way through the crowds and snap away. Let yourself get inspired by thousands of individuals around you and explore the urban jungles. And whenever the city life feels stressful, grey and dirty, grab one of our Art Lenses and turn the dusty streets into glamorous catwalks. In two of these following shots, the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens captured the bold street scenes of New York City into magical dreamworlds.

Credits: magcanut, panelomo, wil6ka, duffman, koduckgirl & outlierimagery

There's more - there's nothing

But this country has more to offer than beaches and cities. There is so much more. Because there is a whole lot of nothing out there. Endless landscapes, breathtaking nature to see and explore and collect on film for eternity. The untouched parts of the US are perfect places for creative experiments. Drench them into beautiful colors with your choice of Lomography Film or point your lens skywards and create magical night scenes.

Credits: rsantore, satomi, nessythemonster, saskiavant & koduckgirl

Shades of Grey

And then go back to all these places and take a look at them without the glitter and colors. Because sometimes life does in fact seem black and white and we should not be afraid to portray it exactly like that - at least when it comes to photography. A monochrome world is a world of its own, it brings focus to the bigger picture. Make the shadows dance, with the Lomography Lady Grey. Play with the light in places where there is none and show the world all the shades of grey there are. Less color makes you see more.

Credits: inkkl, adiw1202, goonies, clownshoes & grazie

Night owl

Once the sun sets, our cities here turn into a whole new place. Filled with the blackness of the night and neon lights of 24/7 delis, the streets of New York, Philly or LA open up new possibilities for you to explore your creative photography skills. Long exposures and multiple exposures, which are features of most of our cameras, allow you to capture the atmosphere of your city by night.

Credits: satomi, incamartin, tracyvmoore, liluxxx & oliviermenard

Ferris, Fun and Flags

No other country seems to get so excited as we do when it comes to celebrating holidays. Next 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day Parade or St. Patrick's Day, grab your favorite point and shoot camera and make those special day last. Hop on the rides, have cotton candy and wear stars and stripes - the colors you can burn into your film cannot be enough! We love to celebrate our country and every celebration should be made to remember while having fun. So these special occasions call for one of our fun cameras, like the Sprocket Rocket or Diana Mini. Oh, that reminds me, happy President's Day everyone.

Credits: scratchheavy, ibiza_hippie, kylethefrench, elede, tiano & dabai

Feel inspired? Take your Lomo cam and get out there, show us how you like to portrait this beautifully diverse country.

2018-02-19 #culture #places

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