Fun Ways to Use the Lomo'Instant App


Gone are the days when you had to scan each and every instant photo with a flatbed scanner, just so you could show them off to your friends. Now, all it takes are a few taps and swipes using the Lomo’Instant App.

The Lomo’Instant App takes perfectly-centered shots of photos taken with any of our instant cameras. Make use of the super easy guide and make sure that your photo is perfectly centered.

Choose the appropriate format, hold your breath, and take that photo. You have the option to save your photo or start over again if you wish. If you’ve saved more than one photo in the Photos tab, the App will ask you if you’d like to make a mini-movie out of your instant shots. That’s where you get to experiment even more!

Play with Backgrounds

Prop your instant shot against different backgrounds. Use colored paper, natural textures, a sweater with a nice print, wallpaper patterns, and other cool-looking surfaces!

Credits: shhquiet

Make an Instant Slideshow

When you’re done taking photos of your instants, you have the choice to showcase them individually, lined up in a grid, or create a slideshow by using the Stop Motion feature.

And that’s not all. If you’re signed in to your account, you can read some cool articles and participate in lots of competitions happening on Lomography!

Download the Lomo'Instant App.

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  1. allanbendiksen
    allanbendiksen ·

    Just For fruits?😯

  2. waynejordan
    waynejordan ·

    Would love to get this for Android.

  3. pawlow05
    pawlow05 ·

    Please develop for Android! (I figure if enough people mention it, they might)

  4. spiritfire
    spiritfire ·

    Little bummed that there isn't a version for Android! Would love to see one in the future!!

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