Diana F+: Let the Light In


Meeting the Diana F+, here’s one thing that you should know: it loves light! When it’s bright and sunny, this camera will delight you with wonderful results, especially when paired with slide film. Colors become more vibrant, vignettes are more pronounced, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a few light leaks.

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The Low Down on Light Leaks

What are light leaks? Technically, it is a small gap in the body of a camera where the light can seep in. And because film is very light-sensitive, even a smidge of light can cause a dramatic effect on your photo.

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The Diana F+ is known to produce light leaks. Light leaks may happen when you use “fat rolls” (loosely wound rolls of film). Not all Diana F+ cameras are the same; some may produce light leaks, others may not. You’ll never really know unless you start shooting.

So what do you do if your Diana F+ gives you light leaks? Let it be!

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Light leaks are strange apparitions. Depending on film and intensity of light, it may appear red, yellow, orange, green, blue, or white. There is no way of telling when and where exactly they would show up. And that’s the beauty of it.

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Diana F+ gives your photos character, a unique look that is distinctly analogue. A lot of photo editing apps have tried to replicate this effect, which only proves that it is not a technical “flaw” but a charming detail. But nothing comes close to shooting with the Diana F+ and not knowing if light leaks will be gracing your images. The fun is in the authenticity and unpredictability.

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Forget everything you’ve read about sealing your Diana F+. Toss away the tape and let the light in!

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