Gear Envy - Sean Flynn's Leica M2

One look at this camera and you know that it's been of great service to its owner. Further research into its history will tell you even more. This is Sean Flynn's Leica M2.

Sean Flynn's Leica M2 © Japan Camera Hunter

Sean Flynn was a photojournalist who covered the Vietnam War along with many other conflicts in different parts of the world. Its paint chipped and faded, its brass body showing years of hard wear. Flynn also fashioned a strap with used parachute cord and a grenade pin — a necessary field operation that did him service during his time on the field photographing for various publications.

Japan Camera Hunter shares in his post how the camera found its way to him along with photos from Sean Flynn's portfolio. This camera is just like any other M2, only that it has an extraordinary tale to tell. Imagine going through crossfire, parachuting from a plane, and God knows what else. This camera deserves to be preserved, its stories told, and its photos shown to the public.

Sean Flynn's Leica M2 © Japan Camera Hunter

A little background for the Leica M2...

The Leica M2 was the company's offering to consumers who are looking for a more versatile M camera. It's also more affordable, making it an attractive choice for buyers regardless of their profession. Carrying the Leica name, the M2 served many users with its good design and features. One of these features is the lessened viewfinder magnification ratio of 0.72. This accommodated wider shots compared to models that used the 0.92 magnification ratio.

Leica M2 Technical Specifications:

Lens Mount: Leica M bayonet mount compatible
Shutter: horizontal cloth focal plane, 1 sec to 1/1000 sec, B & X (1/50 sec)
Focusing: rated 1 meter to infinity
Flash: accessory cold shoe, sync cable connector on rear, 1/50 sec X sync and focal plane sync
Film Type: 35mm film
Film Transport: Leicavit MP/Motor
Film Advance: single stroke
Dimensions: 138 x 77 x 33.5mm
Viewfinder: 0.72x
Weight: 580g

More details about the camera and how it was found can be read at Billy Beach's wesbite.

Information used in this article was sourced from Japan Camera Hunter and Billy Beach Photo

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