The Mini Transat 6.50 through the lens of Stan Thuret’s Diana Mini


Passionate about cinema, Stan Thuret has been sailing in Bretagne from an early age. For several years, he juggled between his two passions by making movies parodies or fake advertisements about the Mini-Transatlantique. In October 2017, after 4 years of preparation, he was one of the 81 competitors at the start of the Mini-Transatlantique race, with his video camera and his Diana Mini.

Hi Stan, can you introduce yourself to the community?

My name is Stan Thuret, I’m 30 years old and Breton by adoption for 7 years. I was assistant director on feature films for 8 years before I took on the crazy challenge of ocean racing and participated in the Mini Transat 6.50. That idea came to me when filming and photographing racing boats.

Could you explain us what is the Mini Transat?

It is the most beautiful transatlantic race. It was launched in 1977. The concept is simple cross the Atlantic alone on a sailboat of only 6m50 without communications with the land, without assistance, without electronic cartography!

How did you start photography?

My interest for photography started when I bought my Canon 7D in 2010.
At first it was mainly to do videos... but thanks to this camera I discovered the principle of SLR, lenses, etc.
Photo is very complementary to my job, it is also about framing, light, staging.

How did you start your journey with film photography?

I love film, especially in cinema! But it has become so rare... I like to know that I physically freeze a scene, I love happy accidents, the fact that you can’t control everything... and have a living result!
I shot a lot of Super8 movies and I did some tests on a Lomo 5 years ago… This summer I arrived in New York after a race on a big trimaran where I was mediaman, I came across the Lomo shop in Union Square and felt in love with the Mini Diana Monte Rosa Edition, orange and blue like my boat. I thought it was a great idea for my transatlantic race!

What is your most striking memory of the race?

The emotion of departure. Leaving dry land. Saying goodbye to my family ... it's still vivid.
And then there is the arrival, when I realized what I’ve been through. It’s so good when it’s over.

18 days alone, that’s a long time! What kept you going?

12 days for the first stage. 18 for the second one, including 8 days without seeing any boats... yes it can be long sometimes!
You learn to be bored. I think it's a luxury in our world nowadays. I have to admit that sometimes, it can be super hard...
But what motivates is to know that the family, the friends, the sponsors are there, on the dry land and that they follow your trail on the cartography.
It's a solo race... but I took so many people with me!

Do you think photography is a solitary art?

It's a fair point ... you have to know how to be patient ... capture the right moment. And it's easier to do it on your own.
But like sailing, even if it's solo, the ultimate goal is sharing with an audience.

What do you think about the Diana Mini? Do you have any advice to share?

I love my Diana! It is small and strong. I guess it had been through a rough time in my boat: it was hot, there was sea spray... but it held out!
My environment was a little narrow but the advice I want to give to others, and to myself, is to try to always have it with you to react quickly and capture your ideas!

What are your plans now?

I’m going to make a movie about offshore racing, to link my two passions. There’s a lot to say about what happens at sea in a sailor's head.

Any last words?

I am very happy to have these analog memories of my Mini-Transat. It makes them much more beautiful and stronger!
I cannot wait to continue testing many other things with my Diana. Long live Lomo!

2018-02-09 #news

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  1. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    I have to shoot with my diana mini again! I haven't use it since 2012 :O

  2. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    My Diana mini lays unused on a shelf. The results are lovely, but it is always a mess when you ask the lab to print a roll...

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