Make Valentine’s Day an Adventure

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean fancy dinners and romantic movies. Stick a pin in a map and catapult to the other side of the world, scramble up the biggest hill you can find to bask in the gorgeous view at the top, put on your glad rags and dance until the sun comes up. Spend every penny you have and come back with nothing but a beat up plastic camera and a roll of film full of memories — fleeting, beautiful moments that will never happen again, immortalised forever on 35mm. With the Simple Use Film Camera, you don’t need to have the first idea about photography. All you need to do is snap the shutter and roll with the good times.

Photos by delphioc, pinar434 and Christian Polt

Pocket-Sized and Pre-Loaded with a Choice of Three Funky Films

The Simple Use Film Camera makes analogue photography easy. Forget handling film and fiddling with settings — this fantastic plastic camera is ready-loaded for festivals, road trips, silver nights and golden days. Tint your sweetheart violet with LomoChrome Purple film, bring out the contrasts in your shot with monochrome Lady Grey film, or capture the love in classic analogue style with Color Negative film.

Photos by: Peter Obermoser, glasghost and edatopuz

Let the flash light up your night-time escapades, and mix and match the three color gel flash filters to splash your shots with psychedelic shades. When your film is full of love, post it to the LomoLab or drop it off at one of our participating Gallery Stores. And remember — that’s not the end for your Simple Use Film Camera. If you’re feeling like an analogue superstar, you can reload your camera with 35mm film ready for your next analogue adventure. Just follow the instructions on this page!

Photos by: alvinxyyzzz, edatopuz, delphioc, adrianafonesca, fragakis_p and serra8

Capture the love this Valentine’s Day with the Simple Use Film Camera. Available now from the Lomography Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide.

written by Martha Reed on 2018-02-08 #culture #people #valentine-s-day #simple-use-film-camera

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