"Time That Stands Still": Dag Alveng


A pioneer of Norwegian photography history, Dag Alveng's retrospective is revisited through his visual magna opera, "Asylum" and "Summerlight", as well as his commitment to the game of chess.

Dag Alveng, Old Monza with Car Tire, 2011; Dag Alveng, Åpen port, Hvasser, 1979; Dag Alveng, Selvskudd, 1981; Dag Alveng, Kirsebær i øret, 1987

The photographer first came to prominence with the series "Asylum", captured between 1979 and 1982, where Alveng shot hauntingly beautiful interiors of mental institutions than of patients. The series was then followed by "Summerlight" a project spanning more than 20 years that began in 1980, as Alveng focuses on light, time, and traces of life in the coasts of a Norwegian city. Another set to be featured in the retrospective is his latest focus -- the Magnus Cartsen, which would feature big chess champions such as Hikaru Nakamura, the world champion from the Fischer Random Chess. Fischer Random is a special way to play the game where creativity and talent are more prioritized than memorization.

Dag Alveng at the Forbundet Frie Fotografer in Oslo, starting February 9 to May 6.

Dag Alveng, Sjakkgrav i motlys, 2017; Dag Alveng, Bjørk, 2014; Dag Alveng, This is MOST important, 1996

Preview image was from the press kit.

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