Photography Challenges To Try on Your Next Shoot


Looking for new photography concepts to try? Here is a simple list of tricky and challenging concepts done by our wonderful Lomography community:

Water Drop Photography

Camera setting skills, using focus aids, perfect timing, and tons of patience are just some of the photographer's essentials that will be tested when you take on Water Drop Photography.

Credits: wildholzkamera

Go for Texture

Create photos that are so lifelike, they start stimulating your sense of touch. For the texture challenge, your composition and photographic eye is put to the test.

Credits: triky76, nunuboogie & analogarithmic

Pinhole Photography

Start a DIY project with your current gear and challenge your technical knowledge.

Credits: lebedev, isabelle0107 & zabulonchik

Macro Photography

Get creative with your execution and conceptualization when you try macro photography.

Credits: -fabi- & sonjabean

written by crissyrobles on 2018-03-16 #tutorials

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