Alternative Printing with the Kallitype Process

For the more advanced photographers, using film stock and typical printing processes can already be boring. To challenge themselves, they take on the high, antique art of alternative printing processes. The kallitype is among the usual processes.

The more veteran photographers have already graduated from simple analogue photography into a more complicated, yet fulfilling one. The kallitype is an iron silver salt-based process similar to the Van Dyke brown process, using the combination of ferric and silver salts, but the kallitype uses ferric oxalate, which is ideal if the photographer wants wider contrast control and shadow definition. Here's printmaker Hans Rosemond's beginner guide:

Pretty neat, aren't they? Apparently some of our own Lomographers have already taken the initiative to try this old process out. Here are some kallitypes printed by our very own Lomographer @kdstevens:

Credits: kdstevens

Preview image was taken from the video.

2018-02-08 #tutorials #videos #kallitype #alternative-printing-process

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