Monday Moodboard: A Lovely February

February dawns on us, bringing love with it. The days remain cold outside, but slightly warmer within as it's the month of love. If the year kicked off harder than expected, or if your Mondays haven't been turning out too eventful as you wished, always remember you're not alone.

It's so easy to forget that people are with us through the good and the bad; thick and thin. That's why we recommend snapping up some shots with your favorite people. Pin them up your desk or pin board, frame them so that you wouldn't forget. So when another Monday comes along, things won't seem so dragging after all.

Credits: eskodisk, annadamby, fayeusokoi, irder, smiling90, fivedayforecast, weechonghooi, runthenumbers, serra8, aka_papu, myloveletter, feelux, fotobes & laiahhh

2018-02-05 #culture #february #monday-moodboardd

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