Four Reasons Why You Need the Lomo’Instant App in Your Life


As the incredible flow of instant snaps uploaded by our international community just kept rising, we thought we’d come up with a useful tool to make spontaneous shooting that little bit easier. Experiment with flat lays, create movies, win prizes, and read awesome articles all on the go. So, without further ado, here’s the 411 on the hottest new Lomo'Instant App.

Photos by Kenji Wai Chong, Reto Baer, and April Whisenand

1 Slay the Perfect Flat Lay

No more dodgy angles, no more busy backgrounds, and absolutely no more straining scanning tasks. Expertly adjust your compositions, perfectly center your shots, showcase your creative workspace and then share it directly onto your LomoHome, Facebook or Instagram.

2 Become a Movie Star

Once you’ve crafted your very own flat lays, it’s time to make a stop motion movie. Play around with visual storytelling, create a sequential plot, or retell your memorable moments through a flip book of scattered memories. Experiment with speed variations, and then share your masterpiece on social media!

3 Win Prizes!

Taken a great instant shot you think you might deserve a pat on the back for? Check out our current competitions curated by a panel of expert judges, and enter your best snaps for a chance to win exciting, new products and vouchers from the Lomography Online Shop. Oh! And with over one million Lomography community members, it's worth having a peek at what others have been getting up to, too! ;)

4 Read on the Go!

Browse all the freshest content from Lomography Magazine whilst you’re on the move! We interview photography hot shots, create expert analogue tips, and share photos from new and noteworthy community members from around the world, just for you — so grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

2018-02-05 #videos

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