Japan Unseen - Photography by Sean Lotman

Sean Lotman, Los Angeles native and Japan transplant explores his new home, its cultures and people with his camera.

© Sean Lotman

A lot can happen in seven years. We featured Sean's work in the Magazine some time in 2011 with his I Do Haiku You series and we're more than happy to know and see that he still shoots and creates images. Now, he turns his eyes and lens towards Japan and his photographs are a visual and poetic treat.

© Sean Lotman

Sean mixes mystery and normalcy to create his photographs for his book 'Sunlanders.' He photographs these gems hidden in plain sight with a high degree of visual understanding that most of us can only dream of. The result is a fascinating project filled with color, beauty, the bizarre, and the interesting. It's amazing to see how his work transformed through the years.

If you're interested in Sean's work and book, you may head over to his website, Instagram, and Bemojake site for more.

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