Composing Reality — an Interview with Lorenzo Zandri

Ansel Adams frequently talked about "seeing with his mind's eye" when he's composing his photographs. It's a reflective technique that only a few artists have mastered. Now, Adams was a master and will always be one but we can't help but think about what he said when we see the work of young photographer Lorenzo Zandri.

We recently got in touch with Lorenzo and he gladly and generously shared with us his ideas on different subjects. It's amazing how connected he is with his vision and more so the way he transforms them into images.

© Lorenzo Zandri

Hello, Lorenzo! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine! We’re so glad to have you. Please, introduce yourself.

Hi guys! This is Lorenzo: 25 years old, Rome-based but currently living in London after a six-month period in Paris. Just graduated in architecture, I work as an intern and interior photographer at a London-based architecture firm. I’m so glad to be featured in your magazine: it’s a big honor for me!

How did you start your journey with photography?

Since I was a child, I used to play with my dad's analog camera, negatives, and prints. As I grew up, I experienced the digital ones: now, I work with a digital camera for work and analogue cameras for my personal projects. My style is quite changeable: from B&W film shots to digital color ones, it depends often by the contest and by the personal point of view.

© Lorenzo Zandri

How would you define photography?

For me, photography is an essential gateway to the reality and a fundamental tool to discover and narrate the landscape and architectural environment. Photography as a creative art consists of making visible something that’s not usually visible, digging into the imaginary and the real but leaving also something mysterious to discover.

© Lorenzo Zandri

What’s your favorite thing about it?

I love the way you can be sincere and realistic, even if it is sometimes raw. I like the fact that it makes possible to represent an image that is in your mind: quoting Luigi Ghirri — "thinking through images is my visual approach and photography allows it."

In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

Try to photograph something underrated in a usual and natural way. Moreover, I think that a personal view of reality through the lens can produce a photo or a project that would be sincere and reflexive.

© Lorenzo Zandri

What’s your favorite subject?

Urban space, landscape, and people who live in them!

What are the things that influence or inspire your style/images?

I’m strongly inspired by movies, books and old postcards.

© Lorenzo Zandri

Which artists (photographers or not) had the most significant effect on your style/work as a photographer?

Andy Warhol, Thomas Struth, and Gabriele Basilico.

If you could have a dream collaboration with an artist/photographer/painter etc, who would it be?

My dream is to make an incredible combo with JR and Piero della Francesca!

© Lorenzo Zandri

How do you stay creative?

Keeping up with contemporary creativity is important, but the internet is sometimes a dangerous world just for this “saturation” of images. That’s why I sometimes prefer consulting old photographers’ books and exhibitions: the answer to my question is often there!

What was it about architectural photography that appeals to you?

Architectural photography is a necessary tool to document the architecture and urban transformations. It needs a lot of analysis and study. I’m very young and I had to learn about it, following the best photographers and models.

How do you come up with your shots? Do you follow certain steps when taking a photograph?

Photography is a cathartic moment of the day: when I decided to begin a project or portray something special, I’m on fire! Then, there is often a great moment of study about the moment shot, daylight or nightlight, technical skills etc. Yeah, it’s not easy to find the best solution, you’d have to take care and be patient. Anyway, it’s a little bit hard to explain but, while I’m shooting, it’s the my “best free moment”.

© Lorenzo Zandri

What can you say about photography as an art and photography as an expression? Do any of the ideas ring true when it comes to your personal work?

I think that photography as a creative art (and then expressive) when it can represent the reality in all ways. Reality is the true art; photography is the key, the tool to make it real.

What other areas of photography are you looking to explore?

I hope to explore large-format photography very soon!

For you, what is the most challenging thing about being a photographer in this day and age?

Being faithful and loyal to your own style and point of view, trying not to follow the trends nowadays.

How would you describe your style in five words?

Rigorous – patient – sensitive – realistic – compositive

© Lorenzo Zandri

If you could replace photography with one thing, what would it be?

Nothing at all! Photography is my natural way to see and represent the world around me.

How does a perfect day look like for Lorenzo Zandri?

A shiny day with a smooth and creamy light on my subject. (Not changing weather, please!)

What song, movie, and book inspire you the most?

“PPP” by Beach House, “La Notte” by Michelangelo Antonioni, “Bord de mer” by Gabriele Basilico.

© Lorenzo Zandri

Any photographer/artist that you follow religiously?

Nowadays, I’m strongly inspired by Maurizio Montagna, Jeroen Verrecht, Patrick Tourneboeuf, Davide Trabucco and Laurent Kronental.

What would you be if you weren’t a photographer/architect?

Probably a football player.

© Lorenzo Zandri

If you could have one camera/and or film to shoot with, what would it be?

An Arca Swiss 4 × 5 Camera, with a Kodak Portra 400 ASA film.

How do you deal with creative block?

I go jogging, play the piano or drink a Spritz!

Any last words for our readers?

Come say hi using my social channels! :)
IG: @lorenzozandri

We would like to thank Lorenzo for letting us feature his work in the Magazine. If you're interested in Lorenzo's work, you may head over to his website for more.

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