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Hello, everyone! We're back again with another Lomopedia entry and this time we go limited edition with the red and gold Seagull 4A-107 TLR made by Shanghai General Camera.

Basically identical to the regular run-of-the-mill 4A-107, this limited edition camera is set apart by its regal red leatherette and gold trim as accents. It's flashy enough to attract double takes from onlookers but it's certainly capable when it comes to actual shooting.

Seagull 4A-107 via Photo Malaysia forums

The Shanghai General Camera has been in the business of making TLRs since the late 1960s. This particular model was patterned on the widely popular and highly coveted Rolleiflex camera by Franke & Heidecke. The TLR design goes back into the 1920s and still has its charm especially for followers of renowned photographer and street artist Vivian Maier. The edge that Seagull TLRs have over other cameras in the same department is its low price — effectively making it a great substitute for someone who's looking to venture into the world of medium-format TLR cameras.

Although the Seagull 4A-107 can be considered a "copy" of other cameras, it doesn't necessarily translate to shoddy performance or build quality. It may not have the best quality control in the market but for the low cost, it's really quite acceptable. What you get in return are improved optics, PC socket, maximum shutter speed of 1/300 sec and a shutter lock feature that prevents accidental double exposures (something that is lacking in the previous model, the 4A-105.)

Seagull 4A-107 via Old Stuffs blog

A word to new users, you may have to practice a bit to get the hang of shooting with a twin lens reflex camera. The viewing glass is clear and brigt but the orientation is what usually puts off new users. That's because the image is in reverse so movement seen on the viewing glass is actually inverted. Component placement like that of the shutter, winding mechanism, focusing apparatus and so on must also be noted and put to heart. Hey, a little practice won't hurt anyone.

Overall, the limited edition 4A-107 by Seagull is something that has enduring collector's value and charm. After all, how many affordable brand new TLRs can you currently get in the market?

Photos Taken by our Community

Take a look at some great sample photos taken with the Seagull 4A-107 by our very own community members:

Credits: arrogantbastage & goonies

Seagull 4A-107 Technical Specifications:

Standard Lenses: Coated three-element 75mm f/2.8, Coated 4 elements 75mm f/3.5 lens
Shutter: between-the-lens leaf shutter, speeds of 1-1/300 sec, Bulb mode, built-in self timer
Aperture Control: manual
Flash: X synch: X-sync at all speeds, PC pocket plus hot shoe
Film Type: 12 56 x 56mm images on 120 film
Winding Mechanism: self-storing rapid wind crank, automatic stop at first frame
Film Rewind: Crank system, LED end of roll indicator. Rewind button automatically returns to the original position.
Automatic resetting frame counter
Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.75 x 4 inches
Viewfinder: folding waist-level viewfinder with Fresnel screen and split-image center spot; pop-up magnifier
Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz

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