How Helga Paris Saw East Berlin


The German photographer's oeuvre has influenced the history of German photography, through her dedication on documenting daily life postwar, especially in East Germany.

For more than 30 years, Helga Paris has looked into the life and the evolution of the mundane in East Berlin. All self-taught, Paris approached the struggling neighborhood the way photographers of the famous US Farm Security Administration did.

Helga Paris: aus: Berliner Jugendliche, Pauer, 1981/82 Foto/©: Helga Paris; Helga Paris: Winsstraße mit Taube, 1970er-Jahre Foto/©: Helga Paris

There are certain qualities of tenderness and compassion in how she captures her images -- capturing certain expressions, behavior, movements, looks in her subjects. As such, she didn't gain initial favor from those she captured, having felt that they were 'too exposed'.

But even so, it's the rawness Paris presented that makes her what she is today, giving honor and dignity to people and things.

Catch the upcoming show Helga Paris: Fotografie at the IFA in Stuttgart on February 2, running through April 8.

Helga Paris: aus: Berliner Jugendliche, Keule, 1981/82 Foto/©: Helga Paris; Helga Paris: aus: Siebenbürgen, 1980 Foto/©: Helga Paris; Helga Paris: aus: Häuser und Gesichter. Halle, 1983–85 Foto/©: Helga Paris

Images are from the press kit.

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